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September 2017: Ian Colliard joins the Nyman group, and Karoly passes his orals. Also, Danielle attended the international SAXS symposium 2017 at Graz University of Technology in Austria!

April 2017: Dylan, Morgan, Karoly, Danielle, and Dr. Nyman went to the ACS Spring 2017 Conference. Check out group photos!

March 2017:  Ana Arteaga joins the Nyman group!

January 2017:  Mehran joins our group from Kermanshah, Iran!

Decemeber2016:  Omid passes his orals!

November 2016:  Dr. Lauren Fullmer passes her defense and leaves to works at Inpria.

September 2016: Dr. Elliot N. Glass and Rachelle Smith join the Nyman Group.

August 2016: Congratulations Harrison and Dylan on becoming the newest P.h.D candidates!

August 2016:  Dr. Clément Falaise leaves to teach in France!

May 2016: Dr. Sara Goberna-Ferrón leaves to work at a synchrotron in France!

March 2016:  Nyman and colleagues (Paulenova--director and Loveland) in the department of Chemistry win the DOE Radiochemistry Summer School for 2016-2018! 

February 2016:  Harrison Neal presents at the MSA EFRC mid-term review--well done Harrison!

December 2015:  Nyman group goes to Pacifichem for May's symposium on metal-oxo clusters 

October 2015: First year graduate students Morgan Olsen and Danielle Hutchison join our research group. Welcome and we need a new picture!

October 2015: Clement and May present at the 2015 DOE EFRC All-PI Meeting in Washington D.C.

August 25, 2015: May does a Reddit blog on the Tianjin Explosion on August 12, 2015  

May 2015:     -Congrats Omid, Harrison, Dylan, and Mesa on winning fellowships and awards! 

February 2015     -Congrats Omid and May on the publication in Science!! Aqueous formation and manipulation of the iron-oxo Keggin ion

February 2015      -Dr. Clement Falaise arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Clement!

November 2014     -Welcome visiting PhD student Andrea Cebollada from Universidad de Zaragoza, here to learn about SAXS and teach us about the love of silver (Argentophilicity)

September 2014     -Graduate student Karoly Kozma joined the Nyman group.

August 2014     -Congrats Collin on being awarded the Oregon Space Grant Consortium 4-year scholarship!

June 2014     -Congrats Dylan and Harrison on being awarded summer research fellowships!

May 2014     -Local KEZI 9 news interviewed May and Lauren on their recent publication "Nerve Agent Degradation with Polyoxoniobates."  Watch the story here!

April 2014     -Graduate Student Ben Cranston joined the Nyman group.

March 2014      -Graduate Student Omid Sadeghihosseinabadi joined the Nyman group.

March 2014      -Congrats May and colleagues for being invited for the cover of Chemistry- A European Journal

January 2014     -Dr. Sara Goberna-Ferrón arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group. Welcome Sara!

December 2013     -We said goodbye to Zuolei. Good luck with your future endeavors! 

November 2013     -Undergraduate Collin Muniz joined the Nyman group.

November 2013     Dr. Pedro Molina Sanchez arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Pedro!

November 2013     -Graduate students Dylan Sures and Harrison Neal joined the Nyman group.

October 2013     -Congrats May and Yu! "Observing Assembly of Complex Inorganic Materials from Polyoxometalate Building Blocks" has been published in the Journal of The American Chemical Society!

October 2013     -Dr. Tapash Deb arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Tapash!

August 2013     -May’s Basic Energy Science Core Materials proposal was awarded!

August 2013     -Yu leaves us to return to China for a professor position. We'll miss you, Yu!

June 2013     -SAXS Boot Camp with Heiner Santer from Graz, Austria.

 From left to right:  Heiner Santer; May Nyman (holding the core-shell chocolates from Vienna); Yu Hou; Zuolei Liao; Rose Ruther; and Lev Zakharov. 

April 2013     -Anton Paar SAXSess installed in Gilbert Hall.  

February 2013     -Dr. Zuolei Liao arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group.

November 2012     -Lauren Fullmer joined the Nyman Group.

October 2012     -Dr. Yu Hou arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group.

August 2012     -Dr. May Nyman and her family arrived in Oregon.



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