Aug 2014 - ACS Conference San Fransisco (Pedro, Lauren, Sara)
June 2014 (top left to right: Sara, Harrsion, Tapash, Dylan, Pedro. Bottom left to right: Lauren, May, Ben, Collin, Omid)
April 2014 Group outing at Ape Caves, Mount St Helens. (Top left to right: Pedro, Vicent, Sara, Tapash, Omid. Bottom left to right: Dylan, Nikel, Collin)
January 2014 (In the tree: May, Dylan, Collin. Standing: Sara, Lauren, Pedro, Tapash, Harrison)
August 2013- Yu's going away party (From left to right: Zuolei, May, Yu, Lauren).
June 2013 SAXS Boot Camp with (from left to right) Heiner Santer from Graz, Austria; May Nyman (holding the core-shell chocolates from Vienna); Yu Hou; Zuolei Liao; Rose Ruther; and Lev Zakharov.
June 2013 (From left to right: Zuolei, May, Yu, Lauren).
Winter 2014



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