Mehran Amiri

I was born in Kermanshah, Iran in 1986. In 2005, I was admitted to Payame Noor University. It was my pleasure to study applied chemistry. During my education, I completed all courses with much enthusiasm and passion. This led me to pursue my master's degree in inorganic chemistry at The State University of Kurdistan where I worked under Dr. R.Khoshnavazi studying Polyoxometalates (POMs). We focused mainly on the synthesis and characterization of sandwich-type polyoxometalates. Afterwards, I found a job at a liquorice company working as a quality control manager for the next two years. All of my previous experience led to me to my pursue my Ph.D. at again The State University Of Kurdistan. The title of my Ph.D. thesis was The effect of semiconductors to enhance the catalytic performance of metal oxides and functionalized polyoxometalates and investigation of POMs self-assembly in water. The first part of my thesis focused on the removal of dye pollutants from water by POMs and also investigated the interactions between metal oxides and water. Therefore, I decided to continue this study with Dr. May Nyman at Oregon State University.





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