Lauren McQuade (Fullmer) earned her PhD in November 2016. She is now with Inpria, a start up company founded in 2007, that is developing inorganic tin oxide photoresists for EUV lithography. The semiconductor industry is in need of new technology in order to continue following Moore's law - the idea that the number of transistors in a computer chip with double every two years, and EUVL is the next generation of imaging technology. Lauren is involved in both the Resist Chemistry and Product Development teams, where she helps develop new chemistries as well as characterization methods.

Sara pointing to the ESRF, where she works, from La Bastille fortified mountain.

     Sara Goberna Ferrón studied Chemistry at the University of Valencia (Spain). She received her Masters and PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (Tarragona, Spain) developing molecular materials as catalysts for water oxidation. After obtaining her PhD, she spend 2.5 years as a postdoc in the Nyman Research Group as part of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) conducting research in the field of aqueous metal-oxo clusters as precursors for thin film materials for advanced technologies. Currently Sara is working as a postdoc at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), located in Grenoble - France, performing Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis to study the local structure of metallic glasses and their nanostructured derivatives with applications as electrocatalysts in fuel cells.


      Pedro earned both his B.Sc. in medicinal chemistry and his Ph.D. in polytungstate chemistry at the University of Glasgow (UK). He then switched continents, and groups of the periodic table, to join Prof. M. Nyman’s group at Oregon State University in which he conducted exciting postdoctoral research in the chemistry of polycoltanates (polyoxometalates of Nb and Ta) for three awesome years. Pedro currently works as a production and purification chemist at Valliscor LLC in Corvallis where he enjoys making organofluoro compounds for the pharmaceutical industry while staying with his family in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. His list of scientific publications, graphical abstract designs, and cycling/paddling maps are posted on his website.



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