Fun Photos


Double-Dutch group meeting!


Nyman Group and Nyman Alumni reunion on June 12th 2022, to celebrate the graduation of Dr. Ian Colliard, Dr. Tasnim Rahman, Dr. Mehran Amiri, and Alice Lulich!

Back Row: Lauren McQuade (#1), Ian Colliard (#10), Pedro Molina (PD, 2013-2016), Ryan & Ryce McQuade, Alice Lulich (undergrad),  Zhiwei Mao, Alex Roseborough, 

Middle Row: Omid Sadeghi (#2), Doctor Stephen, Morgan Olsen (#7)

Front Row: Lauren Palys, Tasnim Rahman(# 11) , Mehran Amiri (#12) , Ana Arteaga (#8) , Shohel (current PD) 

Very Front Row: May Nyman

2022 Commencement Ceremony

Left to Right: Dr. Ian Colliard, Dr. Tasnim Rahman, Dr. Mehran Amiri

Center: May Nyman

Group outing to McMennamins for food and drink! Zhiwei helped us celebrate Chinese New Year by giving us all red envelopes with money in it!


Morgan Olsen is a Mickey Leland Energy Fellow this summer! Here is a shot of her doing SEM at the National Energy and Technology Laboratory in Albany, OR.  


Ana Arteaga finished her first week at Pacific Northwest National Lab! Here is a picture of her after being trained to work in a Category 2 Non-Nuclear Reactor Facility. We miss her already! 

Dr. Nyman giving her talk called Scientific discoveries from the alphabet soup of nuclear waste at the 2019 F.A. Gilfillan Award Lecture. 

Dr. Nyman and her research group at the 2019 F.A. Gilfillan Award Lecture. 


May's family at the F.A. Gilfillan Award Ceremony.


Some of the Nymanites gathered at the Tyee winery FMOCS VI reception. (August 2019) 

Dr. May Nyman hosted an the 6th international conference called Frontiers in Metal-Oxo Cluster Science (FMOCS) in Corvallis, OR. Here is everyone who attended. (August 2019)



Morgan checking out posters.



Cocoro presenting his undergraduate research at the ceremony. 



Mehran and Niko enjoying refreshments.



Ana at the radiation center while doing uranium chemistry.





Danielle's poster at the International SAXS Symposium 2017.



Danielle gives her first international talk at the International SAXS Symposium 2017 in Austria!




Dylan hanging out while running NMR samples.



KK at ACS San Francisco 2017










Harrison and Clément at the EFRC Conference in Notre Dame!



Pacifichem Hawaii 2015



Sara Goberna-Ferrón and Deok-Hie Park enjoying Pacifichem 2015!



Spring 2015 Award Ceremony







ACS 2014




Lauren and May aligning the SAXS!




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