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September 2022: Congratulations to Dr. May Nyman for winning the F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry! This award recognizes outstanding synthetic accomplishment in the field of inorganic chemistry.

June 2022: Congratulations Dr. Mehran Amiri, the 12th PhD student to graduate from the Nyman group! From left to right, Dr. Ian Colliard, Dr. Tasnim Rahman, Dr. Mehran Amiri. Squating below: May Nyman

May 2022: Congratulations Dr. Tasnim Rahman! Dr. Rahman is the 11th PhD student to graduate from the Nyman group and she is off to be a Senior Engineer (POM-chemist) at Celadyne Technologiesin Chicago!

March 2022: Congratulations Dr. Ian Colliard! Dr. Colliard is the 10th PhD student to graduate from the Nyman group!

February 2022: The new Anton Parr Small Angle X-ray Scattering SAXSpoint was installed this month! Heiner Santner from Anton Paar, Graz Austria and Mehran put it together! Dr. Nyman and Heiner try to recreate the picture from 2013 with the Austrian chocolate!


From Left to Right:Mehran Amiri, Dr. May Nyman, Heiner Santner

January 2022: Eduard Garrido joins the Nyman group as a Postdoctoral Scholar!

December 2021: Mohammad Shohel joins the Nyman group as a Postdoctoral Scholar!

November 2021: Dr. May Nyman returns from Germany! Doctor Stephen joins the Nyman group!

August 2021: Congratulations Dr. Rachelle Smith, the 9th PhD graduate of the Nyman group! We will miss you, good luck in your new job at the NIH!

May 2021: Dr. May Nyman travels to Ulm, Germany for her Humboldt Research Award to work with Dr. Carsten Streb. She will be learning Electrochemistry in Dr. Carsten Streb's group and intends to travel to Berlin to learn XAS (X-ray absorption spectroscopy) at the Bessy synchrotron. 

April 2021: Alex Roseborough joins the Nyman group! Chloe Cozzocrea joins the Nyman research group! Chloe and Alice are awarded the SURES Fellowships to do summer research! 

March 2021: The collaborative efforts of PIs Doug Keszler, May Nyman, Marilyn Mackiewicz, Kyriakos Stylianou, Todd Miller and Rich Carter plus students Lauren Palys and David Le yielded a $1.1M grant to develop a flow chemistry lab with inline instrumentation (including a new SAXS!). We are so grateful to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for funding this inline instrumentation which will lead to very exciting research with OSU students and faculty!

February 2021: Congrats to Ian, his hot paper on CeIV70 Oxosulfate Rings, Frameworks, Supramolecular Assembly, and Redox Activity has been highlighted by Angwante Chemie! 

January 2021: Ian Colliard travels to start his internship at Lawerence Livermore National Lab! Ian was awarded the GEM fellowship and the DOE Science Graduate Student Research Fellowship!  Good luck Ian!

November 2020: Dr. May Nyman has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award! She will be taking a sabbatical to learn new techniques and work with Dr. Carsten Streb in Germany!

October 2020: Jenna Bustos joins the Nyman group!

September 2020: Adios Dr. Miguel Galindo! Dr. Galindo travels back to Spain, it was a productive sabbatical despite the pandemic. 

August 2020: Congratulations Dr. Ana Arteaga! The 8thgraduate of the Nyman Lab! Dr. Arteaga is off to start a postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Lab! Nicolas Martin our beloved postdoc, journeys back to France to start a new job that focuses on teaching and research. We know he will make a great future PI!  

July 2020: Congratulations Rachelle Smith for winning the Eli Lilly Travel Award for ACS San Francisco! Sadly, she will be unable to travel and present her work due to the pandemic. 

June 2020: Masked, socially distanced, and back at it!

May 2020: Congratulations Dr. Morgan Olsen! The 7thgraduate of the Nyman Lab! Dr. Olsen will be starting her new position as an instrument chemist at Reed College. Good luck to you!

March 2020: It’s a global pandemic, it’s time to do our part and close the lab up for a while. We will miss our experiments and our lab space. Trevor Arino, undergraduate researcher, was awarded the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship! Congrats Trevor!

February 2020: Congratulations to Andy Feng on defending his master’s thesis! And Mehran’s paper on Atomically Precise Lanthanide-Iron-Oxo Clusters Featuring the E-Keggin Ions is featured in chemistryviews! Dr. Miguel Galindo arrives from University de Grenada to learn how to do SAXS on his unique DNA metal complexes--Welcome!

January 2020:  Dr. Nyman earned a seat on the advisory board of the International European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry! What a great opportunity!

December 2019: Congratulations Dr. Hutchison! 6th graduate of the Nyman Lab! Best wishes to Danielle in her new postdoctorate position in the Burns lab at Notre Dame!

November 2019: Congratulations Dr. Kozma! 5th graduate of the Nyman Lab! He is off to the GENESIS EFRC at Stony Brook. Good Luck KK!

October 2019: The college of science writes an article about Ana Arteaga's GEM fellowship and experience at Pacific Northwest National Lab! Check it out here! 

September 2019:  Zhiwei Mao joins the Nyman Group! Rachelle Smith awarded the 2019 Milton Harris Teaching Assitant Award!

August 2019: Getting ready for the VI International Frontiers in Metal Oxide Cluster Science conference at Oregon State University hosted by the Nyman Group. Check out our website!

June 2019: Rachelle Smith, Tasnim Rahman, Ian Colliard, and Nicolas Martin traveled to Portland to present their research at the ACS NORM 2019 Conference!

April 2019: Dr. Nyman gave a lecture called Scientific discoveries from the alphabet soup of nuclear waste at the 2019 F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Award Lecture. Dr. Nyman received this award for her contributions to science and for her continued scholarship in inorganic chemistry. 

March 2019: Morgan Olsen, Ana Arteaga, and Lauren Palys were all awarded fellowships at national labs! Morgan Olsen was awarded the Mickey Leland fellowship! Ana Arteaga was awarded the GEM fellowship and  Lauren Palys was awarded the OSU-PNNL DGRP fellowship! 

January 2019: Trevor Arino was awarded the 2019 URSA Engage Award!

Watch this site for upcoming SAXS publications!

January 31 2019: We are generating X-rays on the OSU campus! First structure collected and solved in 12 minutes.

We are generating X-rays on the OSU campus! First structure collected and solved in 12 minutes. 

Come to Corvallis and be innovative! Corvallis named #4 in America's Most Innovative Tech Hubs

October 2018: Dr. Nyman was honored with F.A. Gilfillan Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science. The Gilfillan Award honors a faculty member in the College whose scholarship and scientific accomplishments have extended over a substantial period of time.  Click the link to watch May's Gilfillan Lecture!

October 2018: Kieran Brunson and Lauren Palys join the Nyman Group!

February 2018: We welcome our new post doc Nicolas Martin from France!

November 2017: Dr. Nyman becomes part of a $12.5 million National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) grant for the Actinide Center of Excellence (ACE) to conduct research in actinide and nuclear chemistry. Ian Colliard and Ana Arteaga are both going to be doing nuclear chemistry!

September 2017: Ian Colliard joins the Nyman group, and Karoly passes his orals. Also, Danielle attended the international SAXS symposium 2017 at Graz University of Technology in Austria!

April 2017: Dylan, Morgan, Karoly, Danielle, and Dr. Nyman went to the ACS Spring 2017 Conference. Check out group photos!

March 2017:  Ana Arteaga joins the Nyman group!

January 2017:  Mehran joins our group from Kermanshah, Iran!

Decemeber2016:  Omid passes his orals!

November 2016:  Dr. Lauren Fullmer passes her defense and leaves to works at Inpria.

September 2016: Dr. Elliot N. Glass and Rachelle Smith join the Nyman Group.

August 2016: Congratulations Harrison and Dylan on becoming the newest P.h.D candidates!

August 2016:  Dr. Clément Falaise leaves to teach in France!

May 2016: Dr. Sara Goberna-Ferrón leaves to work at a synchrotron in France!

March 2016:  Nyman and colleagues (Paulenova--director and Loveland) in the department of Chemistry win the DOE Radiochemistry Summer School for 2016-2018! 

February 2016:  Harrison Neal presents at the MSA EFRC mid-term review--well done Harrison!

December 2015:  Nyman group goes to Pacifichem for May's symposium on metal-oxo clusters 

October 2015: First year graduate students Morgan Olsen and Danielle Hutchison join our research group. Welcome and we need a new picture!

October 2015: Clement and May present at the 2015 DOE EFRC All-PI Meeting in Washington D.C.

August 25, 2015: May does a Reddit blog on the Tianjin Explosion on August 12, 2015  

May 2015:     -Congrats Omid, Harrison, Dylan, and Mesa on winning fellowships and awards! 

February 2015     -Congrats Omid and May on the publication in Science!! Aqueous formation and manipulation of the iron-oxo Keggin ion

February 2015      -Dr. Clement Falaise arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Clement!

November 2014     -Welcome visiting PhD student Andrea Cebollada from Universidad de Zaragoza, here to learn about SAXS and teach us about the love of silver (Argentophilicity)

September 2014     -Graduate student Karoly Kozma joined the Nyman group.

August 2014     -Congrats Collin on being awarded the Oregon Space Grant Consortium 4-year scholarship!

June 2014     -Congrats Dylan and Harrison on being awarded summer research fellowships!

May 2014     -Local KEZI 9 news interviewed May and Lauren on their recent publication "Nerve Agent Degradation with Polyoxoniobates."  Watch the story here!

April 2014     -Graduate Student Ben Cranston joined the Nyman group.

March 2014      -Graduate Student Omid Sadeghihosseinabadi joined the Nyman group.

March 2014      -Congrats May and colleagues for being invited for the cover of Chemistry- A European Journal

January 2014     -Dr. Sara Goberna-Ferrón arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group. Welcome Sara!

December 2013     -We said goodbye to Zuolei. Good luck with your future endeavors! 

November 2013     -Undergraduate Collin Muniz joined the Nyman group.

November 2013     Dr. Pedro Molina Sanchez arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Pedro!

November 2013     -Graduate students Dylan Sures and Harrison Neal joined the Nyman group.

October 2013     -Congrats May and Yu! "Observing Assembly of Complex Inorganic Materials from Polyoxometalate Building Blocks" has been published in the Journal of The American Chemical Society!

October 2013     -Dr. Tapash Deb arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman group. Welcome Tapash!

August 2013     -May’s Basic Energy Science Core Materials proposal was awarded!

August 2013     -Yu leaves us to return to China for a professor position. We'll miss you, Yu!

June 2013     -SAXS Boot Camp with Heiner Santer from Graz, Austria.

 From left to right:  Heiner Santer; May Nyman (holding the core-shell chocolates from Vienna); Yu Hou; Zuolei Liao; Rose Ruther; and Lev Zakharov. 

April 2013     -Anton Paar SAXSess installed in Gilbert Hall.  

February 2013     -Dr. Zuolei Liao arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group.

November 2012     -Lauren Fullmer joined the Nyman Group.

October 2012     -Dr. Yu Hou arrived in Oregon to join the Nyman Group.

August 2012     -Dr. May Nyman and her family arrived in Oregon.



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