Aug 2014 - ACS Conference San Fransisco (Pedro, Lauren, Sara)
June 2014 (top left to right: Sara, Harrsion, Tapash, Dylan, Pedro. Bottom left to right: Lauren, May, Ben, Collin, Omid)
April 2014 Group outing at Ape Caves, Mount St Helens. (Top left to right: Pedro, Vicent, Sara, Tapash, Omid. Bottom left to right: Dylan, Nikel, Collin)
January 2014 (In the tree: May, Dylan, Collin. Standing: Sara, Lauren, Pedro, Tapash, Harrison)
August 2013- Yu's going away party (From left to right: Zuolei, May, Yu, Lauren).
June 2013 SAXS Boot Camp with (from left to right) Heiner Santer from Graz, Austria; May Nyman (holding the core-shell chocolates from Vienna); Yu Hou; Zuolei Liao; Rose Ruther; and Lev Zakharov.
June 2013 (From left to right: Zuolei, May, Yu, Lauren).
Winter 2014
Dr. Nyman and the her research group and fan club at the 2019 F.A. Gilfillan Award Lecture.
FMOCS VI reception at Tyee Winery, it's hard for us to get a good photo. (August 2019)
Some of the nymanites gathering at Tyee Winery post FMOCS (August 2019)
International conference FMOCS VI in Corvallis, OR hosted by Dr. May Nyman (August 2019)
Celebratory brunch themed picnic for Dr. Rachelle Smith!



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