Research Interests:

Thank you for your interests in the Nyman research group activities. We synthesize and characterize aqueous metal-oxo clusters from across the periodic table. Besides being beautiful, they are useful for advancing science and technology. Applications we are currently using our clusters for include:

  • crystallizing proteins to understand their function in living systems
  • photolithography for microelectronics
  • sustainable processes to synthesize metal oxides from water
  • catalysis for clean energy technologies
  • investigations of mineral grow and contaminant transport in the environment.

We are also exploring the frontier of the periodic table in our actinide chemistry programs. Our discoveries are important for nuclear energy and for nuclear security and U.S. leadership in these technologies on the international stage.



Energy Frontiers Research CenterMaterials Science of Actinides 2014-2018

Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry 2014-2018

Actinide Center of Excellence  2017 - 2022

Basic Energy Sciences Core Program in Materials Chemistry 

“Fundamental ion-association and acid-base behavior of aqueous species: Unprecedented perspective from anomalous solubility” 





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